Trussing, Truss Bases, and Crank Stands

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Aluminum Trussing – Truss Bases – Truss Clamps – Truss Shelves

Quik Stage is an authorized dealer or reseller for Global Truss aluminum trussing and truss accessories. We keep a fair amount of F34 - 12" box truss in inventory in our Blaine MN warehouse ready for quick shipping. We also can drop ship any other size truss directly to you. The F34 truss uses a quick connect system with conical connectors and pins, so there are never any nuts and bolts required. In addition to F34 trussing, we also stock a large quantity of truss clamps, truss junctions, truss bases, truss shelves, spandex truss covers, and other truss-related accessories. Please see our other listings for those items.

We also manufacture and distribute our own brand of Global Truss compatible truss bases under the Quik Stage brand. We offer several different sizes of truss bases and top plates made from both aluminum and steel depending on what size base it is. All our steel bases are available in either a black or silver powder coat finish. Most companies only offer black steel bases, but we also offer silver, which is our most popular color. All our aluminum bases come with standard aluminum mill finish. All Quik Stage brand bases come standard with the appropriate number of Global Truss compatible half connectors, tapered pins, and R-Keys.

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All of our in-stock trussing, truss clamps, truss junctions, truss bases, truss shelves, spandex truss covers, and other truss related accessories are available for purchase in our online store. Just click the link above to go directly to the store for convenient 24 hour shopping. We also keep a small amount of inventory of F23 and F24 – 8¾" aluminum trussing in our MN warehouse, which is also available to purchase online.


Due to the new shipping rules, shippers such as FedEx or UPS are imposing additional over-length charges on packages over 48" long and longer, so it has become difficult to ship trussing at affordable rates anymore for anyone who sells trussing. Quik Stage, however, has negotiated good rates and tariffs with all our shippers and can still ship trussing or other over-length products at lower rates than most resellers, so please reach out to us directly if you are looking for larger quantities of trussing. Additionally, if you are purchasing portable staging from us, we can add sections of trussing to the pallet and save you even more money, as it is always beneficial to you to bundle as many products as possible on one truck shipment.

Price Quotes:

We encourage you to contact us directly for a price quote or assistance with determining what truss will work best for your application or with your specifications for your truss project. As mentioned above, shipping costs now play a big role in price quotes, so we always look for the most competitive ways to ship trussing. The majority of aluminum trussing including Global Truss is made in China, so tariffs are also having a big impact on overall pricing. The trussing offered in our online store has shipping included in the price, so if you only need a few small pieces, that may be your most cost-effective place to purchase it.

Trussing, Truss Bases, and Crank Stands