Seating Choral Risers

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Quik Stage portable stage decks can be made into multi level seating risers simply by using different height legs for each level. Even if you currently own some of our Quik Stage portable staging, you can easily convert them to multi level risers or seating risers buy just purchasing different height legs. For example, if you wanted to make a 3 level seating riser with 3 each 4 x 8 stage decks, just purchase a set of 8", 16" and 24" high legs and put the stage decks back to back to create your 3 levels. You then connect the different rows together with standard leg clamps. For added safety, you will want to add chair stops to all levels and guardrails on the back level to prevent chairs or people from sliding or falling off. Guardrails can also be used on the sides of the risers. Guardrails are often required at levels over 30" high but always check with your local codes before purchasing as codes vary from state to state.

We offer many different height of stage legs and the most common rise between each level for seating risers is 6", 7" or 8" high. Quik Stage seating risers are professional quality and built to last many years if properly cared for. We sell factory direct and usually have risers in stock for quick shipping.

We only offer straight risers and do not offer curved or arc style seating risers. Please contact us directly for assistance with any seating riser design or a price quote.