Road Case Stage

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So what's a Road Case Stage your thinking, right? In response to the imported 4 x 4 light duty portable stage decks from China that you are seeing everywhere online, we are introducing our new version of 4 x 4 stage decks that will offer you the same high quality Quik Stage portable stage decks that we offer every day and at a very affordable price. We have also designed a heavy duty road case that stores up to 6 each 4 x 4 stage decks inside so this will be perfect for portable churches, corporate facilities, schools, or any other application where you need a total mobility and storage. Even better, we manufacture right here in Blaine, MN, USA and we have it in stock.

Why buy a light duty stage with way to many parts that break or get lost when you can buy a Quik Stage quality stage with no parts other than legs that store under each stage deck with easy to use leg clips. The only tools needed to connect our stage decks together is a 5/16 inch T-Handle which is included at no charge. This is the strongest and easiest to use locking system on the market and its all standard on our stage decks.

Heavy Duty 6 Deck Road Case.
Road Case with 6 each 4 x 4
decks and removable door.
Door is sitting on top of road case.
Legs for each decks stored
in leg clips under each deck.
T- Handle also stored in a clip.

This is the perfect stage package for any mobile application where you want the ease and convenience of having your decks enclosed in one case plus it provides protection from damage when its being moved or in storage. If your using 16" legs, you can even store the 1-step stair unit and handrails inside the road case along with the stage skirting. See below.

Closeup view of a 1-step
stair unit, handrails and the
stage skirting stored inside
on top the decks.
Totally self-contained stage.
Closeup view of legs in
optional leg clips.


Road cases are only available for our 4 x 4 stage decks or smaller sizes. We do not have a road case for our 4 x 8 stage decks at this time. All our decks can be used with any of our leg height options, but for stages higher than 16 inches , a larger stair unit would be required and it will not fit in the road case and would have to be set on top or in another for storage. Only the 1 step stair unit fits in the road case. Quik Stage also offers a stage deck cart for 4 x 4 stage decks in the event you do not want a road case.

Heavy duty hardware
locks and hinges. Polyvinyl
surface on road case.
Heavy duty handle
for easy moving.


Stage Skirting

Need skirting? We offer high quality skirting in 36 colors and our stage decks come standard with the hook side Velcro already indented in to the frame. Again, no expensive skirting clips to lose or break and the Velcro in the stage decks is included at no additional cost.

Easy to attach Stage Skirting
available in 36 standard colors.

All we ask, is before you buy something that looks like a really good bargain, please check out and compare the quality and convenience of what we offer against that too good to be true deal online. Portable Staging should be viewed as a long term investment and Quik Stage portable stage decks offer you the best return on your investment for your hard earned money. You are also buying factory direct for maximum savings.

Please call toll free 1-877-783-7373 or e-mail us at with questions or for a price quote. This page will be updated very soon with complete packages and pricing but all this information is available now by just contacting us. Please also check out all our staging products at our Quik Stage Portable Stage Decks site page.

Thanks for looking.