What should I buy... 4 x 4 or 4 x 8 Portable Stage Decks?

What should I buy... 4 x 4 or 4 x 8 Portable Stage Decks?
The most popular sizes of portable stage decks that we manufacture and sell on a regular basis are 4' x 4's and 4 x 8's. The biggest misconception with potential buyers is they think that two 4 x 4 decks should cost the same price as one 4 x 8 stage deck and, unfortunately, that just is not true and here is why. The total square footage of two 4 x 4 portable stage decks and one 4 x 8 stage deck is 32 square feet or the same. To make that same 32 square feet with 4 x 4 decks, you are using more parts and more labor to make 2 decks compared to just one 4 x 8 so it just costs more to manufacture. Here is an example of the parts needed to make both sizes:

    To make two 4 x 4 Portable Stage decks:

  • 8 each coffin locks
  • 8 each 4' frame extrusions
  • 8 corners
  • Extra hardware
  • Extra labor to make 2 decks versus 1
    To make 1 each 4 x 8 Portable Stage decks:

  • 6 each coffin locks
  • 2 each 4' and 2 each 8' frame extrusions
  • 6 corners
  • Less hardware
  • Less labor to make 1 stage deck even if it is larger
    So here is what we ask our valued customers when they ask us what they should buy:

  • What is your budget?
  • Are you physically able to handle a 4 x 8 stage deck to get your best value?
  • What about storage? Do you have room to store 4 x 8 stage decks compared to 4 x 4’s?
  • Do you have limited set up time and need to get your stage set up quickly for every event?
  • If you are portable, are you using a trailer, box truck or smaller truck or van?
  • What about the delivery of your new stage? Do you have a loading dock or can you help the driver break down and unload the 4 x 8 pallet? 4 x 4 decks will fit on a lift gate, 4 x 8 decks will not because they are too long.
  • Finally and most importantly, what will make things the easiest for you when setting up your stage?

If you use the above as your guide to help you decide what size portable staging you should buy, that should help you with your purchasing decision. One of our friendly staging specialists will always help you answer any questions and can provide you with 2 quotes to compare the price. We encourage you to get both quotes to help you determine what would be the best return on your investment. Best value is not always the lowest price, but rather what will give you the best return on your investment or make your life easier with the setup.
We sell a lot of 4 x 4 portable stage decks because they offer exceptional value, quality and better ease of use compared to the less expensive imported decks you see online with the accordion style decks.

If you prefer a system that will last you for many years, has no loose parts and easier to set up, then you should consider buying Quik Stage portable staging. Quik Stage offers the best long-term value of any portable stage in its class and we sell it factory direct. Next week we will talk about different accessories you can utilize in your portable staging system to make it more appealing and looking even more professional.