Our trussing is perfect... for all of your (trussing) needs.

Our trussing is perfect... for all of your (trussing) needs.

Quik Stage is an authorized dealer or reseller of Global Truss aluminum trussing and truss accessories. We have been GT’s partner for many years which means that our trussing specialists have extensive knowledge about trussing and can answer any questions before you purchase. Global Truss trussing and accessories offer high quality at an affordable price plus we keep a good quantity of inventory in our MN warehouse ready for quick shipping. We always want to deliver the best value to our customers. With trussing, you can have many different setups and create different shaped trussing that perfectly fits your venue or event.

Trussing is available in 3 different models, flat or ladder, triangle or tri-truss, and square or box truss. Box truss is the most popular due to its added strength, but the size and shape of your trussing depends on your application and your venue. All these different models may seem confusing at first but in all honesty, it is not. Once you talk to one of our trussing specialists, you will start understanding how it all works.

All of our trussing is made of 100% aluminum materials and have a standard aluminum mill finish. Trussing is a safe and convenient way to upstage your event by adding great lighting or adding other accessories such as TV mount to display a nice presentation on your TV for your audience. Our trussing is perfect for displays, trade shows, DJs and many more. We have many other accessories available; however, we will talk about those in our next post.

Momentarily, we only list F34 box truss in our online store due to its popularity, but feel free to call us at 877-783-7373 or email sales@quikstage.com for more variety or questions about our trussing. Also, our trussing is compatible with many other trussing companies, but make sure you reach out to us before purchasing so we can verify.

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