Stage Skirting and Hook & Loop Fasteners

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Stage Skirting with Velcro

Quik Stage offers stage skirting in any length and width and it will most likely fit your portable or permanent stage no matter who the manufacturer is. Our skirting is an easy and affordable solution to put the finishing touches on any stage. We offer 5 different pleat styles, Shirred, Box, Flat, Accordion or Adjustable Pleat and are available in 2 different fabrics and 35 different colors. Shirred pleat is the most popular following by flat and they are the most affordable.Our standard skirting is made from Wyndham, which is a high quality polyester material that is machine washable in cold water, tumble dry at 120 degrees or less and FR, flame retardant rated. We can provide you with a FR certificate upon request. If you are looking for a more formal look, we also offer Encore, which is a polyester velour-type material on the front side and flat on the back. We can make to order any height, length and width of stage skirting in an of our available colors quickly. Please contact us directly and one of our stage professional can assist you with ordering. If you need stage skirting in a hurry, please read below.

In-Stock Stage Skirting

Do you need stage skirting quickly? We stock a large quantity of black shirred pleat and flat no pleat stage skirting in 6 different heights that is available for immediate shipping. We only stock black. We cut all our in stock stage skirting½ inch than the listed size short to allow for proper hanging. All our stage skirting including in stock skirting has the loop (soft) side Velcro sewn on the top so you will need the hook side Velcro on your stage to attach the skirting. We sell ¾" wide hook and loop Velcro by the foot with a commercial quality adhesive backer so you can easily peel and stick to your stage. Both the in stock stage skirting and Velcro is available for purchase in our online store or contact us directly. We stock the following sizes of stage skirting in either Shirred Pleat or Flat in our Blaine, MN warehouse:

  • 8" (cut at 7½" high) For 8" high stages. Available in 4', 8', 12', and 16' lengths
  • 12" (cut at 11½" high) For 12" high stages. Available in 4', 8', 12', and 16' lengths
  • 16" (cut at 15½" high) For 16" high stages. Available in 4', 8', 12', and 16' lengths
  • 24" (cut at 23½" high) For 24" high stages. Available in 4,' 8', 12', and 16' lengths
  • 32" (cut at 31½" high) For 32" high stages. Available in 4', 8', 12', and 16' lengths
  • 40" (cut at 39½" high) For 40" high stages. Available in 4', 8', 12', and 16' lengths

Adjustable Height Stage Skirting

Adjustable Stage Skirting

We also offer adjustable stage skirting that is available in the same fabrics and colors as our fixed height stage skirts. All adjustable skirting is made to order so please contact us directly for a price quote. Adjustable stage skirting will have a 8" box pleat valance on top and the balance is sewn flat so it can be adjusted. Adjustable skirting can be made to adjust to several different heights and the more adjustments you add will increase the price per foot. Adjustable stage skirting will be more expensive that fixed height skirts because of the extra material and Velcro needed to make it adjustable. If you only need 2 different heights, it most likely will be more cost effective to own 2 sets of shirred pleat skirting depending on the heights you need. Again, contact us directly for a price quote. Adjustable skirting is not available in our online store.

Additional Details and Specifications:

  • Don't be fooled by those too good to be true prices you find online. We get calls from customers who tell us they can find stage skirting for less and that may be true but when we ask them if they know what type of fabric it is or what the weight of the fabric per square yard, they have no idea. The plain truth is you get what you pay for with skirting or linens and we only sell the highest quality available at the lowest prices. Why not buy your stage skirting from a stage skirting professional who has years of experience and can offer you good honest advice to your good questions.
  • Our standard Wynham fabric offers over 14 ounces of fabric weight per square yard and is not a see through fabric. All of our edges are finished with a surged edge leaving no loose threads and a professional appearance. When the Loop Fasteners is sewn to the fabric, our skirting has a very high quality fabric backer that will not dissipate or curl during washing. Those too good to be true cheap stage skirts use a paper thin material that is useless after one or two washings. If properly cared for, Quik Stage skirting will give you years of quality service making it a very good investment. The 100% polyester fabrics require no ironing and any wrinkles from storage usually hang out in a half hour or less after installation.
  • All Quik Stage stage skirting is manufactured and private labeled for us by Snap Drape, the world's largest manufacturer of skirting products and there quality is second to none. Quik Stage skirting is very competitively priced and readily available.
  • Quik Stage skirting comes standard with loop fastener sewn into the top for easy attachment, but other attachment methods are available to accommodate your stage. Please contact us directly if you need another type of attachment like metal grommets.
  • There is no extra charge to have your skirting cut into the exact length section that works best for your stage. An example would be if you ordered 60 feet of skirting, you can have it made into 1 each 60 foot section or 6 each 10 foot sections or whatever at the same price. If you need assistance figuring out what will work best for your application, just call Quik Stage toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or e-mail and we can help you.

Please refer to the Wyndham or Encore color swatch card listed below to choose your choice of color for your new skirting and all colors are priced the same as black or white for example. No up charge for any color.

Download a PDF Wyndham Stage Skirting Fabrics Swatch Card


Wyndham White Wyndham Wine Wyndham Beige Wyndham Black Wyndham Blueberry Wyndham Bone Wyndham Brown Wyndham Burgundy Wyndham Butterscotch Wyndham Charcoal Wyndham Cream Wyndham Dark Blue Wyndham Dusty Rose Wyndham Eucalyptus Wyndham Gray Wyndham Jade Wyndham Kelly Green Wyndham Light Blue Wyndham Navy Wyndham Olive Wyndham Plum Wyndham Purple Wyndham Raspberry Wyndham Red Wyndham Rosewood Wyndham Royal Blue Wyndham Sable Wyndham Sandalwood Wyndham Silver Cloud Wyndham Slate Blue Wyndham Sunflower Wyndham Tangerine Wyndham Teal Wyndham Terra Cotta Wyndham Topaz Wyndham Violet


Encore Navy Encore Slate Blue Encore Umber Encore Black Encore Burgundy Encore Chamois Encore Hunter Green jquery simple lightboxby v6.1

Disclaimer: Although the colors shown here are a close resemblance to the actual color, color calibration of computer monitors can vary considerably; therefore, Quik Stage is not responsible for any changes or variances in the actual fabric as depicted on this page. If you would like an actual swatch card sent to you, call us Toll Free at 1-877-783-7373 or email, and one will be sent to you.