Stage Packages

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Now, shopping for that perfect portable stage is even easier with Quik Stage Portable Stage Packages showing many different size stages that are available. We have put together 38 different stage packages that are the most common sizes that customers ask for but we can create any other size you may need. Just browse through the drawings below and when you see a certain size stage that you think will work for your application, just click on it and a larger, printable version will open up.

Please keep in mind that these are just basic stage packages with legs, stairs & skirting and should be used as a guide to help you select a stage that best fits your needs. Any package can be modified to your specific needs. Quik Stage portable staging can be used in many sizes, heights & configurations and can be used with any or all of the stage accessories we offer.

So what do these stage packages cost? We do not include any pricing with the stage packages listed here because there are so many variations with height and deck surfaces. This page was designed as more of an informational page and guide so you can visually see what a certain stage size looks like and the number of 4 x 8 stage decks needed to build it. To get a price quote, just click the links above or call your Quik Stage portable staging specialist toll free at 1-877-783-7373 or email and we will do a quote with freight charges right away. Just reference the size of the stage package your interested in and what height legs.

Additionally, we do have a limited number of smaller stage packages listed in our on line store with pricing and they can be viewed by clicking the link above. When purchasing a portable stage on line, you should always be 100% certain that is the exact stage you want and need before you click "Purchase" as portable staging is not easy to return because of the nature of the product. Again, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns prior to purchasing and we can help.

8' x 8' Portable Stage Package8' x 12' Portable Stage Package8' x 16' Portable Stage Package8' x 24' Portable Stage Package
8' x 32' Portable Stage Package8' x 40' Portable Stage Package12' x 12' Portable Stage Package12' x 16' Portable Stage Package
12' x 24' Portable Stage Package12' x 32' Portable Stage Package12' x 40' Portable Stage Package16' x 16' Portable Stage Package
16' x 20' Portable Stage Package16' x 24' Portable Stage Package16' x 32' Portable Stage Package16' x 40' Portable Stage Package
20' x 20' Portable Stage Package20' x 24' Portable Stage Package20' x 28' Portable Stage Package20' x 32' Portable Stage Package
20' x 36' Portable Stage Package20' x 40' Portable Stage Package24' x 24' Portable Stage Package24' x 28' Portable Stage Package
24' x 32' Portable Stage Package24' x 36' Portable Stage Package24' x 40' Portable Stage Package28' x 28' Portable Stage Package
28' x 32' Portable Stage Package28' x 36' Portable Stage Package28' x 40' Portable Stage Package32' x 32' Portable Stage Package
32' x 36' Portable Stage Package32' x 40' Portable Stage Package36' x 36' Portable Stage Package36' x 40' Portable Stage Package
40' x 40' Portable Stage Package40' x 60' Portable Stage Package