Portable Stage Backdrops

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Quik Stage portable stage backdrops are made using pipe and drape components, so they are easy to set up and very affordable. There are so many options available when you use pipe and drape, so you're able to choose your height and width, fabric material, fabric colors, and much more. Pipe and drape is portable, so its quick and easy to set up and takes minimal storage space when disassembled.

We are often asked if the backdrop should sit on the stage or the floor, and in most cases, we find that customers prefer to have it sit behind the stage on the floor rather than on the stage as it does not take away any of your stage space. Some also prefer that the bases are on the floor, so they are not visible on the stage, but it is a personal preference as either way will work and look nice. If you are using a high back drop, one option is for you to put the bases on the floor under the stage legs for more stability.

Although most stage backdrops are straight, some customers prefer to angle the sides, however uprights only have 4 slots on top, so you won’t be able to make sharp angles without damaging the slots on top of your uprights. If you need a sharp angle with your side walls, you would just purchase an extra upright and base where, for example, they could meet in the corners.

Pipe and drape backdrops are popular with portable churches, schools, government, military, corporate, or any other application where you want affordable and quick and easy backdrops to give your stage a professional look. Please contact us directly for a price quote or for assistance in figuring out your new stage backdrop. There are many heights and fabric colors available to fit any application.