Misc. Pipe & Drape Accessories

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Quik Stage has several different types of pipe and drape accessories to help you get the most out of your pipe and drape system.

Universal Drape Support Clamps

Universal Drape Support Clamps can attach along the entire vertical length of existing 1.5" or 2" adjustable or fixed height uprights. They feature 3 slots for drape supports and are used to add an additional drape support at any length or at any angle from your existing vertical upright. They are commonly used for hanging layers of drape or banners at unique heights and directions.

This Universal Drape Support Clamp can also be placed at the bottom of an upright to hang banners or drape tight by stringing an additional drape support through the bottom pocket. Universal Drape Support Clamps can be placed anywhere on a 1.5" or 2" upright as opposed to ordering custom slots.

Valance Hangers

Valance Hangers quickly attach to adjustable or fixed height uprights for hanging extra layers of drape or banners. Valance Hangers come in both 3 inch and 9 inch sizes and can be placed in any existing slot on your upright. These are perfect for adding a valance or additional drape support in front of the standard drape support. This product is used frequently at trade shows to distinguish drapes in booths and hang signage. They are also perfect for party or wedding planners who wish to create unique draping and designs.

Sign Hooks

Sign hooks are commonly used to hang booth numbers or labels in trade show booths. They are made from 100% steel and are designed to fit over a standard Drape Support. We rubber-band them in groups of 20 for convenient distribution and setup.

Base Pins or Nipples

These pins or nipples are used to attach any 1½" diameter slip fit upright or pipe to any of our bases. A 3" pin is recommended for any pipe and drape upright up to 8' high. 6" pins are recommended for any height above 8' or if you wish to add more stability your lower height uprights. All our bases come standard with this pin included so if you lost or somehow damaged your pin, this is the replacement part. Prices includes the pin and the screw to attach to your base. This part is commonly referred to as a base nipple or base pin. We also sell a 2" diameter pin.