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Although many of the items we offer are available for purchase in our online store, we just can’t offer all of our products online, and especially not all of our portable stages, so please use this "Quote Form" to get an accurate price quote on any other products or sizes you're interested in. Just fill in the appropriate information below and click "Send Quote Request" to receive a detailed quote for the products you selected. Please provide as many detailed specifications as possible. Our goal is to always provide you with a detailed and accurate price quote with freight as quickly as possible, but without those exact specializations of what you need, it's just impossible to do that, so we may still need to contact you for additional information or specifications.

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--- IMPORTANT: When requesting a quote for portable staging, please provide as much information as possible. ---

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Legs can be cut to any height you need.

Leg sizes listed are just our stock standard sizes.

Adjustable Legs work best for applications with unlevel terrain. If indoor and you require 2 heights, consider 2 different height standard legs in order to save money.

12" is the lowest height we can make with casters.

Additional Accessories

* 2 & 4 Leg Clamps only needed on stage heights of 32" and above or for multi-level risers.
** For storing legs under the stage deck

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