Care Instructions for Table Skirting, Throw Covers, Fitted Sets

Quik Stage Table Skirting, Throw Covers, and Fitted Sets are made from a high quality 100% Polyester material that is easily cared for by following the instructions below. Please make sure you do not exceed 120 degrees or you will damage your products. To prevent wrinkling, remove immediately from the dryer and hang up or install on your tables and let them hang out. Wyndham is Flame Retardant rated, and you can Download the Fire Retardant Certificate Here or by clicking the Fire Retardant icon/image below.

  • Use mild detergents
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Machine wash to 120° F
  • Do not overload dryer
  • Tumble dry to 120° F
  • Reversing cycles prevents tangles
  • Tumble through cool down cycle
  • Remove immediately and hang
  • If necessary, touch up with a cool iron
  • Do not dry clean printed products
Click to Download the Fire Retardant Certificate