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Stage & Table Skirting

Stage & Table Skirting

Stage Skirting

Quik Stage offers stage skirting in any length and width and will most likely fit your stage no matter who the manufacturer is. We offer two different styles, Shirred or Box Pleat and both are available in 8 different fabrics and an array of colors. Our standard skirting is made from Wyndham, which is a polyester material that is machine washable in cold water and flame retardant. If you are looking for a more formal look, we also offer Encore, which is a polyester velour-type material on the front side and flat on the back.

Stage skirting comes standard with loop Velcro sewn into the top for easy attachment, but other attachment methods are available to accommodate your stage. In addition to standard height skirting, we also offer adjustable height skirting for stages with adjustable legs.

  • All stage skirting is sold by the foot based on your chosen height.
  • Stage skirting should be ½-1" shorter than the actual stage for proper hanging.
  • Adjustable skirting consists of an adjustable panel with an 8" box pleat valance.
  • Adjustable skirting comes standard with 2 adjustment heights. Additional heights are an additional $1.00 per foot.

Please refer to "Table Skirting & Linens", sub-menu "Color Choices" in the drop-down menu for your color choices for Wyndham and Encore for stage skirting. If you need any assistance figuring out what you need for your stage, just call Quik Stage at 1-877-783-7373.

Example Shirred Stage Skirting
Example Adjustable Stage Skirting
Example Box Pleat Stage Skirting
Box Pleat

Table Skirting

The uses for table skirting are almost limitless and are most commonly used on registration tables, buffet lines, in meetings, conferences, weddings, banquets, schools and churches. Any function that uses tables, you should plan on using table skirting to give it that professional, finished look and add class to any function. You can further coordinate your skirting presentations by using matching table toppers or throw covers.

We offer numerous fabric choices in three different pleat styles, in standard or custom lengths and heights, all of which are easily attached with any one of four different attachment methods.

  Pleat Styles:   Attachment Methods:  
  Shirred   Snug-Tight  
  Box Pleat   Snap Attachment  
  Continuous Pleat   Hook & Loop  
      Plain Backing for Pinning  

Example Shirred Table Skirting
Example Continuous Pleat Table Skirting
Continuous Pleat
Example Box Pleat Table Skirting
Box Pleat

Table skirting is sold by the foot of horizontal length and is available in many sizes, style and colors. In addition to standard skirting, custom skirts with your company logo or other custom art work are also available and make a perfect addition to a trade show booth or any other application you wish to personalize your display. Snap Drape also has custom skirts like stars and stripes and impression prints that are colorful and has the fabric in stock. Contact Quik Stage for additional information on custom or designer prints, styles and patterns available. The following are some examples of different styles, colors and patterns available.

Example Gold Box Pleat Table Skirting
Gold Box Pleat
Example U-Shaped Rect. Table Skirting
U-Shaped Rect.
Example Shirred Design Table Skirting
Shirred Design
Example Box Pleat Design Table Skirting
Box Pleat Design
Example Multi-Tier Table Skirting
Example Stars & Stripes Table Skirting
Stars & Stripes
Example Holiday Valance Table Skirting
Holiday Valance
Example Eden Table Skirting
Example Tapestries Table Skirting

Although table skirting is sold by the foot, the following are the most popular sizes to fit standard tables. Please refer to "Table Skirting & Linens", sub-menu "Ordering Instructions" to match up your table and find the size that you need. Even if you do not find your size table listed, we can easily accommodate any size table you have. Call Quik Stage for pricing.

13' long x 29" high:

Fits 48" round, 6' x 30" rectangular and 8' x 30" rectangular.

17' 6" long x 29" high:

Fits 60" and 66" round, 21'6" long x 29" high rectangular and 2 each, 6' x 30" end-to-end rectangular.

21' 6" x 29" high:

Fits 72" round, 8' x 30" rectangular and 2 each, 8' x 30" rectangular end-to-end.

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