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Pipe & Drape and Stanchion Storage Carts
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Pipe & Drape and Stanchion Storage Carts

Our manufacturer produces all of their storage carts in-house, so they are able to provide the highest level of quality control at the lowest possible cost. Their carts are designed to provide years of dependable service, with heavy-duty welded steel frames and large diameter tires. Each storage cart is made with an extra-tough welded steel frame and your choice of casters. Our standard casters feature a 5" diameter composite tire and ball bearing construction. Every storage cart is finished with a coat of rust-inhibiting primer. Custom colors are available upon request. Our carts will allow you to efficiently store, transport and set-up all of your equipment. They quickly pay for themselves with the savings in labor.

Note: Carts should never be loaded beyond there caster capacity.

Drape, Pipe and Stanchion Carts
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Drape, Pipe and Stanchion Carts

Drape Telescope Cart: Hanging drape is the most time-consuming item when setting up booths. Our Drape Telescope Cart lets you "pre-hang" your drapes prior to move-in. Each cart holds up to 80 pre-draped telescopes with either 3' or 8' drapes and moves easily on up-rated composite casters rated at 1600 pounds. NOTE: If you consider only one cart, this should be the one!

Pipe Cart: This family of carts allows for bulk storage of up to 200 uprights or drape supports and rolls on up-rated composite casters rated at 1600 pounds. Available for 3', 8' and 10' uprights and 6-10', 7-12' and 10' drape supports.

Stanchion Storage Cart: Stanchions, because of their unusual shape, are difficult to store. Large diameter bases take up a tremendous amount of room and are easy to damage when stacked. Our Stanchion Cart lets you easily stack 12 bases on individual shelves and store the posts in an adjacent bin. Bases are secured by a removable locking pin. The cart is set on 5" diameter tires rated at 1200 pounds to prevent damage to floors.

Base Carts

Screw-In Base Cart: We offer 24", 15" and 11" Screw-In Base Carts in the following capacities:

  • 24" Base Cart: 15 Bases
  • 15" Base Cart: 50 Bases
  • 11" Base Cart: 100 Bases

Slip-Fit Base Cart: Storage and transporting the bases of our Slip-Fit System with the attached 3" nipple has been a challenge until now. Our Base Cart has been designed to accommodate 100 15" or 200 8 x 14" Slip-Fit Bases. This cart includes up-rated composite casters rated at 1600 lbs. for easy handling.

Storage Carts
Item # Specifications Weight
C101 Stanchion Cart - Holds 12 80.0 lbs
C102 3 ft Upright Cart - Holds 200 80.0 lbs
C103 8 ft Upright Cart - Holds 200 90.0 lbs
C104 6-10 ft Pipe Cart - Holds 200 90.0 lbs
C105 7-12 ft Pipe Car t- Holds 200 90.0 lbs
C106 10 ft Pipe Cart - Holds 200 90.0 lbs
C107 Drape Telescope Cart - Holds 80 145.0 lbs
C108 15" Screw In Base Cart - Holds 50 25.0 lbs
C109 11" Screw In Base Cart - Holds 100 35.0 lbs
C110 Slip Fit Base Cart - Holds100 14" x 16"
200 8" x 14" Bases
200.0 lbs
C118 8 ft Combo Cart - Holds up to 80
Uprights & Bases
120.0 lbs
C119 3 ft Combo Cart - Holds up to 150
3 ft Uprights & Bases
140.0 lbs

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