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Table Skirts and Tablecloths Ordering Instructions

The following easy-to-follow sizing charts were designed to help you easily figure out exactly what size table skirt or tablecloth you will need for your table. We have also listed some helpful hints so that you can provide us with accurate sizing information to assure to order the right products to fit your tables. All table skirts come with plastic clips for connecting to your table, so it is important to get the correct clip.

Table Skirts for Rectangular Tables

You will need 4 measurements to select the correct table skirt for your table.

Table Height: Most tables are a standard 30" high, but measure from the top of the table to the floor. Table heights will vary according to each manufacturer. For all tables, we recommend that skirting be 1" shorter than the table to allow for proper hanging.

Table Width: Measure the width of your table from side-to-side.

Table Length: Measure the length of your table end-to-end.

Table Surface Depth: Measure how thick your tabletop is so that we can determine which plastic table clip fits your table.

Table Skirts for Round Tables

To calculate the skirting length required for round tables, take the diameter of the table and multiply it by 3.14 and you will get the skirting length in feet. Then round that number off to the next 6" increment. An example would be for a 5' diameter table, multiply 5 x 3.14 to get 15.7'. Round that off to 16' and that is the length of the skirt you would need for a 5' round table. Then check the height and depth of the table surface as described above.

Table Skirt Sizing Chart

The table below is an expanded list of skirting lengths to fit a wide assortment of tables and configurations. For tables and configurations not listed, just measure the outside perimeter and add 6" to acquire the proper skirting length.

Table Skirting Sizer Chart
(Click to Enlarge)

Table Skirting Sizer Chart

Tablecloth Sizing Chart

The table below is an expanded list of standard size tablecloths. Just figure out the size of your tabletop and match that size to one on the list. If your size is not listed, you can calculate custom sizes by using the following instructions. Acceptable drop on a tablecloth is 6-12". Round table drop to the floor is 30".

Square & Rectangular Tables: Multiply the desired drop by 2 and add to the width and to the length.

Round Tables: Multiply the desired drop by 2 and add to the diameter of the table.

Round Tables/Drop to the Floor: for 30" high tables, add 60" to the diameter.

Tablecloth Sizing Chart
(Click to Enlarge)

Tablecloth Sizing Chart

The following table clips are used for connecting table skirts to your table. If you can find a manufacturers name on your table, just match that up to the one that is listed next to the correct clip and if not, measure the thickness of your tabletop and match it up with the correct dimension listed.

A Clip B Clip C Clip
  • 3/8" to 1/2" Edge
  • Howe #200 Series
  • Maywood Orginal
  • 3/4" Edge
  • Most common size
  • 1" Edge
D Clip E Clip F Clip
  • 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" Edge
  • Fits Drop Edge Tables Up To 2 3/4" Deep
  • Fits Stages With Steel Aprons
  • Southern Aluminum Banquet Tables
  • Bil Jax Stages
D Clip   E Clip
  • Fits Lifetime Duratable
  • Fits Over Table Skirt To Attach Valances or Lace Skirting
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